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Join us to empower smallholder farmers to build resilient food systems and promote climate smart practices and a circular economy

We promote a circular economy for food

The current food production system is unsustainable, with a very negative impact on the environment and human health. Overuse of fertilisers and pesticides, resulting in food that is harmful to human health and degrading the environment. We promote regenerative farming practices, through: –

  • Localising food systems by supporting urban farmers
  • Create awareness about food waste in urban areas
  • Support consumers to make healthier food choices.
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Taking control of our food system

At iFarm, we strive to connect consumers with our food system. Every choice we make, helps to empower consumers develop a better understanding of how food is produced, and their role in building sustainable value chains.

We work across the value chain from farm to plate

We provide smallholder farmers with support to improve their productivity, including training, farm inputs and access to market. In so doing, we reduce the distance food travels from the farm to your plate, and able to: –

  • Create jobs
  • Address food insecurity
  • Promote climate smart practices
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Reduce your footprint

Our unique approach of producing healthy and nutritious food, using a variety of approaching including organic and vertical farming helps to reduce your environmental footprint. Our growing systems also use less water by 95% compared to conventional farming.

  • Low carbon footprint
  • Saving water
  • Build a local economy

How it works


We design turnkey, solar powered vertical farming systems (hydroponics), for communities. We also set up agriprocessing hubs for smallholder farmers.

Capacity building

We build the capacity of smallholder farmers on climate-smart agriculture, agritech and business development. Our focus is on building food systems in Africa.

Urban farming

We have a network of urban farms that grow highly nutritious food, helping to promote food security in poort communities, while growing the local economy.

Why Support Us?

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