iFarm Academy

Our iFarm Hubs serve as community learning centres for regenerative farming practices, innovation and access to market. Through our technical support, our network of smallholder farmers are able to sell their produce at competitive prices and be trained in  agri-business.

Course 1: Urban farming!

We run a training program both online and face to face to empower smallholder farmers and hobbyists with a focus on vertical farming. The only way to fix our broken food system is when we localise food production closer to where food is consumed. Our programmes covers the basics of farming including: –

  • Types of crops to grow in confined spaces
  • Growing mediums
  • Inputs, such as seeds fertilisers and pest control

Course 2: Growing microgreens

Microgreens are highly nutritions super foods, packed with nutrients and extremely important for your wellbeing. Microgreens are just your regular vegetables, that are harvested just a few days after sprouting. Because they are harvested before full growth they have high concentration of nutrients. Growing them requires special techniques, ranging from the growing medium, to climate conditions. In this training we show you the basics of growing microgreens, both for pleasure and business and covers the following areas: –

  • Basic equipment to get started
  • Types of commonly grown microgreens
  • Climate control
  • Control methods
  • Marketing and selling your high value crop

This course is delivered exclusively online, with using videos and resource materials that will be shared.

Course 3: Agribusiness

The aim of this course is equip participants with the basics of agribusiness. Once you have developed with basic farming skills how can you monetize your production. Agribusiness is one of the fastest growing sectors, even though its dominated by big business, descerning consumers are increasingly interested in buying from local farmers markets or community gardens. This course will enable you to: –

  • Develop a business plan for your micro-enterprise
  • Financial management
  • Basics of sales and marketing

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